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  ECTACO Partner EIn900 - English <-> Indonesian Talking Electronic Dictionary

Price: $ 429.95
Category: Talking bilingual dictionary expandable to include over 50 language combinations
Language pair: English <-> Indonesian; Indonesian <-> English
Speech: English for the Dictionary; English and Indonesian for the PhraseBook
Vocabulary: 335,000 words
Battery Type: Li-Polymer rechargeable battery (3.7V, 1700mAh), included















































Learning a language has never been this easy or portable before now! Simply put, you can learn an ENTIRE LANGUAGE with the help of the Partner EIn900 or you can have it talk for you. Speech recognition and speech to speech translation modules will listen to your pronunciation of foreign words, phrases, and dialogues, giving you feedback along the way. More than 5 language games and programs will ensure learning is not only interactive but fun. Don’t have time to learn? Well, then start communicating now! Voice activated phrases will allow you to interact with people in your target language without having to learn it. All 14,000 voice-activated phrases are spoken in a real human voice to facilitate understanding and includes a massive human-voice talking dictionary. A full electronic translator, physical keyboard and touchscreen make the Partner P900 not only sophisticated but also extremely easy to use.

Audio Phrasebook

The greatest resource out there for letting people know exactly what you want, whenever you want it! Loaded with 14,000 pre-programmed phrases, just select a topic, say a phrase, and the device will find it for you instantly. You can even browse topics and choose what you want to say to have it pronounced fluently for you in English or Indonesian.

Largest Dictionary and Picture Dictionary in the World

Find ANY word you might be looking for here in the dictionary. You get the translation, part of speech, synonyms, gender information, examples, and more. If you need an even better reference, the Picture Dictionary will not only give you the translation but also a corresponding picture to help you remember words faster than ever before. Both Dictionaries have fluent human-voice pronunciation for every word.


  • Large 3.5” color LCD screen

  • 335,000 entry English <-> Indonesian bilingual translating Dictionary

  • 70,000 English explanations with the WordNet Princeton English Dictionary

  • Advanced English Speech Recognition

  • True Voice human pronunciation of English words in the Dictionary

  • Talking Picture Dictionary with pronunciation for all words

  • 14,000 entry Audio PhraseBook for commonly encountered situations featuring English and Indonesian human voice output

  • Unbeatable Word-Of-The-Day vocabulary builder

  • Spell-Check, History and Slang Lock options

  • Smart QWERTY and Virtual Keyboard with Audio interface

  • Vector Ultima™ spell-checker and English Morphofinder™ to help find the words you need

  • English Grammar, Irregular Verbs, Idioms, and SAT 200/5000 vocabulary builders

  • Games including Linguistic Crossword, Pockets, Spell-It-Right, FlashCards, Hangman, and Translation Tests

  • Customizable translating jetBook Reader with FB2, TXT and XML file support

  • Video Player with .avi, .wma, .wav, .ogg, .jpg, and .png. support

  • Voice recorder

  • SDHC card support of up to 32GB

All 900 models include: Headphones with mic, Bonus CD, Adapter and Rechargeable battery.

This model is normally operated in a silent mode and you will need to press the "Speaker" button or to choose the corresponding option from the menu in order to hear the translation spoken out loud.

This model is also available in the following colors: Alpine (white) and Corrida (red).
To choose one of the alternative colors, please indicate the color you want in the Comments box of the order form.

Alpine Corrida

This model is available in different colors: Candy Red, Caribbean Blue, Colorado Gold, Brazilian Green, Antique Bronze, Asphalt Gray. Find your favorite here:
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Candy Red
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Caribbean Blue
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Colorado Gold
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Antique Bronze
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Asphalt Gray
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Advanced search
Instant Reverse translation
Irregular verbs
New word recording
Electronic grammar book

Display Touch Sensitive Screen 3.5” 320x240 pixels
Screen backlight
Headphones jack
PC connection
AC adapter jack
Batteries (included) Li-Polymer rechargeable battery (3.7V, 1700mAh)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 5.1x3.5x0.7 in
Weight 7,5 oz

World time
Local time
Daily alarm

Vocabulary 335,000
Voice Indonesian, English
Speech recognition English
Commonly used phrases 14,000

Value pack
Bonus & demo software
Slim case
1 year warranty

Math calculator
Engineer calculator
Currency conversion
Metric conversion


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